about tech65
Tech65 Pte. Ltd. is Singapore's Technology Source. As tech evangelists with a deep bench and the broadest expertise online, we aim to empower you with valuable tech advice and content that is most relevant to you. With a focus on the Singaporean audience, but an eye to the wider world, our reporting provides a distinctly local flavour that appeals beyond our shores.

Tech65.org is our flagship website, serving as the central repository of all our videos and audio content. Our videos range from the hilarious Ask Jerrick, a seasonal videocast which tackles anyone's tech questions, to The Interview, the videocast where we ask the hard questions to the toughest people in the Tech industry. We are also especially proud of our flagship audio podcast, 65bits, a bi-weekly podcast aimed at giving you the absolute essential tech news. The newest medium Tech65 has expanded into is the photography segment with PhotoStories.
the crew
Daniel Tsou
Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder, Producer (Gear65, iOShow)
Jerrick Lim
Co-founder, Host (Ask Jerrick)
Justin Lee (a.k.a triplez)
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head Producer
Chinmay Pendharkar (a.k.a NTT)
Podcast Producer
Sayanee Basu
Producer (Pulse)
Wong Renhao
Justin Ng (a.k.a xjieke)
Mohd Hisham
Producer (The Interview)
we love creative commons!
Tech65.org creates videos and podcasts for the technology scene. We have been churning out content for 5 years that spans the range of technology interests. Tech65 is Singapore's Tech channel on the Internet. We have grown from its initial podcast every weekend, 65bits, to a range of shows on various topics. These shows continue to draw in audiences from all over the world as well as serve our viewers in Singapore. Our shows are freely available on Youtube and our website serves as the entry point to our awesome content. Tech65's current programmes include: Ask Jerrick; a question and answer show with our very own Jerrick, 65Bits; our newly revitalized bi-weekly news podcast, Simply Geek; our topical discussion show for geeks, by geeks, and Pulse; our interview show of personalities in the local technology scene.

Since the beginning, Tech65 has focused on sharing the content we created with the community. Free distribution of our podcasts has been a conscious decision based on our business model. We maintain the strong belief in supporting the local tech community with the knowledge and greater understanding that we can provide. When Jerrick and Daniel first sat before their laptops in 2007, they just wanted to share some interesting news, tips and tricks with the local tech community. Tech65 has since grown to cover more topics and fields, whilst keeping the same zeal for sharing our knowledge and passion for technology.

It is a natural progression to license our content as Creative Commons, which we Tech65 have done since the Creative Commons license was translated for Singapore in 2008. Although Tech65's content is mostly videos and spoken word, and is only rarely considered interesting musical content by the Creative Commons musical community, we believe that our actions can help spread the awareness and understanding of Creative Commons licensing with the hope that many more creative people and groups would be motivated to make their works creative.
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