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Tech65 Pte. Ltd. is Singapore’s Technology Source. As tech evangelists with a deep bench and the broadest expertise online, we aim to empower you with valuable tech advice and content that is most relevant to you. With a focus on the Singaporean audience, but an eye to the wider world, our reporting provides a distinctly local flavour that appeals beyond our shores.

Tech65.org is our flagship website, serving as the central repository of all our videos and audio content. Our videos range from the hilarious Ask Jerrick, a seasonal videocast which tackles anyone’s tech questions, to The Interview, the videocast where we ask the hard questions to the toughest people in the Tech industry. We are also especially proud of our flagship audio podcast, 65bits, a bi-weekly podcast aimed at giving you the absolute essential tech news. The newest medium Tech65 has expanded into is the photography segment with PhotoStories.

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