Review: LG Optimus 4XHD

This is an exciting review for me to write because when one thinks of buying a mobile phone and more importantly a Smart Phone, the first port of call is usually not LG but its Korean rival, Samsung. The unfortunate consequence of course is such interesting phones as the 4XHD are overlooked by the consumer. And that is to their detriment of course.

The first thing that strikes you about this phone is the beautiful expense of screen that captures your attention straightaway.┬áIt is bright and the colours pop. However one of the issues I’ve noticed with the phone’s screen is the lack of performance under bright sunlight. The brightness setting has to be pushed to the maximum before you can clearly see the screen. Half brightness is too dim under these conditions.

The other thing one notices is the surprising lightness for a phone if this size. Whilst the raw numbers do not bear me out with the Samsung Galaxy S3 weighing the same 133g, this phone feels quite comfortable in my hand. Although I should point out that my dear friend Daniel has complained about the size of these new phones being simply too large to reach across the screen comfortably. An inconvenience you have to weigh when you choose your new phone.

This is an exceptionally thin phone. It does draw your attention with the textured backing and chrome strip running down the side. But it is unfortunately a little generic looking as modern smartphones go. And as an aesthetic point, the disappearing capacitive touch buttons on the bottom of the screen are a design point that not everyone will like.

LG has lightly skinned Android 4.0 to include certain additional functions such as a slide from lock screen to directly to an app function and does make some pleasing additions without distracting from the simple functionality of Android, some may object to the LG Keyboard as opposed to the very good standard Android keyboard but I have found it quite easy to get used to. The performance of the phone is quite good but I noticed that YouTube performance stutters occasionally and it is not a completely seamless experience but a highly enjoyable one and one which by and large is problem-less.

If one was to be perfectly honest, this is about as much phone as one would ever need. And anything above and beyond is merely frosting on top of an already very delicious phone. However one cannot view this phone in isolation and whilst this is a good phone, it is merely a good phone in a field of good phones. And where it is priced, it sits solidly in the middle of the pack and if you are looking for a very competent phone that is not too expensive, it is the quietly competent, and well made flagship phone you may be looking for that will suit your needs.


It has long been said that no good deed goes unpunished, and Daniel must have been really good in his last life, because he is now inflicted with having to manage our former International Correspondent, Jerrick Lim. On his way to a career in the law, Jerrick has spent some time in the United Kingdom, giving him an appreciation of such delights as Rhubarb, Pimm's and cold grey weather. Jerrick deals with many aspects of technology, but favours such aspects as Aviation, Portable Devices, and Automobiles. He also fancies himself a gamer but has not finished a game proper in a long time. Email Jerrick at: jerrick at tech65 dot org or visit his personal blog
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