65Bits #281: Warp Drive to the Future

We look at many fascinating things this week, from new mobile phones, to futuristic cars to Warp Drive. This week’s news comes from all corners of the tech and we hope you will enjoy it very much. Stories this week

  1. Warp Drive
  2. Office 13
  3. New Phones Galore
  4. New PS3
  5. Everlasting Teeth?
  6. Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements
  7. Supercharge Electric Cars
  8. Myspace Revamp
  9. And now for something completely different
It has long been said that no good deed goes unpunished, and Daniel must have been really good in his last life, because he is now inflicted with having to manage our former International Correspondent, Jerrick Lim. On his way to a career in the law, Jerrick has spent some time in the United Kingdom, giving him an appreciation of such delights as Rhubarb, Pimm's and cold grey weather. Jerrick deals with many aspects of technology, but favours such aspects as Aviation, Portable Devices, and Automobiles. He also fancies himself a gamer but has not finished a game proper in a long time. Email Jerrick at: jerrick at tech65 dot org or visit his personal blog
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