iPhone 5 Pricing on Contract

The two major Apple partners for the iPhone 5 Launch have prepared their price plans for tomorrow’s iPhone 5 launch.

Singtel’s iPhone contract plans are as follows:

Monthly Subscription $39.90 $59.90 $99.90 $205.00
Local Calls 100 mins 200 mins 500 mins 2000 mins
Local SMS 800 900 1000 2500
Local Data (GB) 2GB 3GB 4GB 12GB
iPhone 5 16GB $478 $198 $0 $0
iPhone 5 32GB $598 $308 $48 $0
iPhone 5 64GB $758 $468 $198 $58

Starhub ‘s Price Plans are:

Monthly Subscription 38 58 98 205
Local Calls 100 300 700 2000
Free Local SMS/MMS 800 900 1000 2500
  Free Unlimited for Students and NSFs
Local Data Bundle 2GB 4GB 6GB 12GB
  FREE Speedboost Value Added Service for up to 75Mbps till 31Dec 2013
iPhone 5 16GB 473 233 0 0
iPhone 5 32GB 613 343 83 0
iPhone 5 64GB 768 498 228 78

M1’s Plans are:

Monthly Subscription 39 59 98 198
Local Calls 120 300 700 Unlimited
Free Local SMS/MMS 600 800 1000 2000
Local Data Bundle 2GB 3GB 5GB 12GB
FREE Additional 1GB for Recontracting Customers +  4G
iPhone 5 16GB 430 190 0 0
 iPhone 5 32GB 580 290 20 0
 iPhone 5 64GB 710 450 150 55

What is interesting is that Starhub seems to split the difference between M1’s and Singtel’s Plans. M1 definitely offers the best value for money with the lowest upfront costs, lowest priced plans, and other than for text messages, and data, the best bundles. Starhub does offer the highest number of text messages, and most data for each corresponding level of service, but the upfront cost of the phone is also the highest. *Though not by more than 1 month’s phone bill*. All around though, Singtel’s plans offer the slimmest bundles, with the least data or mere parity in terms of data, talktime and texts, and the cost for their phones are not the lowest either. They do offer free texts and in camp/campus calls for those who are serving as NSFs or are students as well, which is saving grace for some. But overall, it would appear that M1’s bundle is the best based purely on the numbers, whether this bears out in terms of actual service experienced is something for you to decide.

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