Tech Talk Coffee Shop #5: Singtel's New Data Plans

This time on Tech Talk Coffee Shop, the crew discusses the recent changes announced by Singtel and Starhub about the data caps on their mobile plans.

-Justin, Daniel, Jerrick and NTT.

  • what  about our wireless at sg? 

    overseas… there are similar package by similar telco but they solve the issues with wifi hotspot that serves free wifi at certain areas for users who sign up for their package…

    in Singapore… our wireless at sg is almost dead… and telco is not even creating package that makes sense seperating user of 3g vs 4g and charging those low end users at the same crazy price…

    • NTT

      Wireless@SG is interesting. Indeed it started with a very different premise. And you’re right that in many other places Municipal WiFi is paid and delivers much better service than Wireless@SG. But on the other hand, from a persona experience, I’ve not had 3G data-plans for the last 6 months and I did pretty well relying on Wireless@SG for most of my mobile needs. Yes. I rarely used to surf or do Skype calls, but for emails and IMs, it works well. Maybe that’s what it should be kept for. Basic communications. But that’s a whole different topic.

      As for seperation of 3G and 4G.. Isn’t that the point? The technologies were made to ensure there is seemless usage between them. So why should the telcos segregate? The so called cost they have to bear is the same since bits are essentially free, infrastructure cost differences between the two are not a problem. And when it comes to demand, at this moment they rather have more people move to their less busy 4G networks. So it makes sense to combine the plans. And I don’t think the prices are that crazy. $40 per month for 2GB + voice is pretty alright looking at prices for other stuff around us.

      And yes. I got the confirmation from HTC after we recorded this episode. The One S being sold in Singapore has the overclocked S3 instead of the S4, because apparently they were not able to get the parts in large enough amounts. But that’s only for Singapore/SEA. In the US the One S still has S4 which still kicks ass of the Quad-Core Tegra 3.. 🙂

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