Gear65 #116 - HTC One X

We get our hands on the brilliant new HTC One X, a brilliant new flagship phone from HTC. With the growing focus on well made devices, good hardware as well as great customisations, we believe that the HTC has managed to strike an interesting balance that few other phone manufacturers have managed to strike. We are excited to see what this heralds for the coming Android phones as this has truly upped the ante for all Android 4.0 phones.

  • Spaceguy7us

    i brought the One X two weeks ago. i never was in touch with Android Software or Devices. First i was very impressed by it´s large screen. The only touch display before i had was an iPhone 3GS. Even i´m a guitar player i have always problems with one-hand controlling of those devices(maybe my thumb is only too short 🙂 ). So it was no problem for me to control the x with two hands.

    The Sense-Software has a comfortable look ´n feel for me. And the Audio experience is amazing. I never had south a “Dr Dre Style” bad a.. sound in my car. Great!

    After the last update, the battery lasts considerably longer due. I also like the Camera features, like the Panorama-mode.

    HTC announced this devices as”…a Master of light”. In dawn light, indoor photos were´t such as god as i expected. But overall the Camera is good and has a bunch of adjustment and style tools. HD-Video recording is quite laggy..too bad. i hope this will be fixed by soft or firmware update.
    The Gaming performance  is brilliant. But its to bad that many of good games doesn´t work with the Integra3-Chip.

    I also like the reminder function at the calendar, especially for birthdays. This morning it reminds me of a birthday and offers me a button labels “send greetings”. Maybe it´s a Android standard, but as i wrote i never had have a Android device. All in all I’m very satisfied with this Smartphone.

    But i got one question / objection.” Work the App-Changer-Button really like the Task manager? i´ve read it´s only a “shortcut collector” At the Top its titled in Germany “Letze Apps” what means “Last Apps”. For example the Facebook App. When i swipe it out and look at the “real” Taskmanager App, the Facebook App is still running in the background.

  • Spaceguy7us

    Two more things. The ICS feature to control or write by voice recognition works really fine for me. Especially with the car App and Google Maps Navigation. You don´t have to look or scroll thru street name. Just say Company X at City X and Maps will show you the agree. For me as a Fieldsupporter / Serviceman its Gold worth.

    And after the last update Android turns the GPS receiver automatically. it was a little bit annoying that this doesn´t work from the very fist start.

    • Spaceguy7us

      sorry. Safaris autocorrection does´t work like it should. 
      Just say Company X at City X and Maps will show you the street

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