The Interview: Matthew Hardman, VMware

VMware reinforced its market leadership in the cloud computing space when they first launched the open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, Cloud Foundry, a year ago. The attached release highlights the momentum the Cloud Foundry has gained in the marketplace, and its adoption in the Cloud ecosystem.

“Our recent New Way of Work Study showed that 63 percent of Asia Pacific users are consuming applications via their own mobile devices for work. The expectations that users have from these applications is putting increasing demands on developers to release faster and with more functionality, or users will simply switch to other apps.” said Matthew Hardman, Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager, ASEAN & India.

“Cloud Foundry radically simplifies the entire coding process – a multi-cloud, multi-framework platform that helps you build once, test everywhere on all environments, go live faster. Developers can focus on the features of the apps, rather than whether it works. Enterprises then gain the benefits even faster.”

So we caught up with Matthew Hardman to ask him to clarify certain key points mentioned as well as other factfindings on Cloud Foundry.

Mohd Hisham
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