First Looks: HTC One X

We take a first look at the HTC One X. With enhanced camera functionalities, beats audio enhancement throughout the phone, cleaned up HTC Sense 4, this is an Android phone to be impressed with.

Retailing in Singapore from 2nd April 2012 at a suggested retail price of SGD$898.

  • Howard Taylor1

    First class comprehensive tour of the phone. Very well-researched and organised. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your compliment and support of Tech65. Appreciate it and do let us know how else we can improve.

  • Mewararishi

    Hi there can you pls tell something about the audio quality via its external speakers? And via earphone ?what are the accessories that we get with the phone?
    Secondly I wanna know that if after warranty the battery stops working properly then is there a way to get it replaced?
    Last when will Samsung galaxy s3 be released and should I wait for it’s release?or buy Htc one x?

    • Hi. I can’t tell you about the audio quality via its external speakers at the moment. Please catch our Gear65 video when it is out.

      The audio quality via the earphone is almost similar to the Beats Audio you’ll get, bass heavy and decent since the audio is enhanced throughout the phone in all applications that has audio.

      You can find out the accessories you get with the phone on our Unboxing video –¬†

      I’m not too sure about the warranty of the battery. You’ll have to check with an HTC representative.

      Personally, I think the HTC One X is the best Android phone in the market right now. I have not seen the Samsung GALAXY S3 yet, so I’ll not be able to comment on that. But I think the HTC One X is a strong contender to compete with the iPhone and even the rumored Samsung GALAXY S3.

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