65bits #216: Apple becomes richer

Companies all over the world have begun releasing their financial results for their last quarter, and guess who is stealing all the limelight? In other news, Rovio is about to launch it’s Facebook game! But when will we begin to fling upset birds at arm-less pigs? All that and more on today’s 65bits.

– Daniel

Background Music for 65Bits is courtesy of spinningmerkaba.

Stories from this episode:

  1. Apple’s 2011 Q1 Financial Report [TheVerge, CNN]
  2. Nokia sells 1.5Billionth Series 40 device
  3. Nokia sells 1 million Nokia Lumias / Microsoft paid Nokia to use Windows Phone
  4. Next Generation Xbox details leaked in rumor
  5. Olympus releases first Micro Four Thirds motorized zoom lens
  6. Steam Mobile beta out on iOS and Android
  7. Angry Birds Facebook game out soon
  8. Google merging its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  9. Twitter to begin censoring tweets and users in some countries
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