The Interview Callan Tham Cake Images

Tech65 & Cake Images jointly reviewed the Sony Alpha Nex 7. In this segment of The Interview, we find out what the professional photographers think about Sony’s latest compact camera, the Sony Alpha Nex 7.

Much have been touted about Sony Alpha Nex 7. In this interview, we find that given the right specifications, the Sony Alpha Nex 7, can be a regular second camera to a professional’s arsenal of equipment when he is doing his commercial shoot.

We find out more also about the relevance of Sony Alpha Nex 7 high megapixel value in the professional work capacity, being able to do very large prints.

Finally, for photography fans in Singapore, Cake Images LLP are conducting several courses which Callan will outline at the end of the interview, where he hopes to raise the bar in photography, to create images – going beyond talking about gears and equipment.

Mohd Hisham
Focus on photography and its related applications - hardware & software. I am also focusing on a new segment in Tech65 called The Interview, discussing on topics ranging from consumer to the enterprise.
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