The Interview: Winston Goh at Samsung Product Launch January 2012

Tech65 crew was invited to the January 2012 product launch of Samsung mobile products. The reason we are being specific on dates is because Samsung have a lot of product range so we will have to specify this Interview is refering to which product launch.

For today’s event(4th January 2012), Samsung Asia Pte Ltd announced the launch of the following mobile devices.

· GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus
· GALAXY Tab 7.7
· GALAXY Nexus
· Omnia W

Product specifics was not covered for this interview as we try to understand the marketing strategy for Samsung Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore as well as the expected roll-out of LTE-enabled devices for Singapore. In Singapore, 2 out 3 main carriers have rolled out LTE networks and consumers are definitely eager to use their mobile devices at higher speeds.

Mohd Hisham
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