Review: Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender

This is the simplest device I have used all year. Just connect it to wall power plug and run the installation software. The simplest task is choosing which network the Extender will connect and amplify.

The Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender comes with 2 x 2 antennas. One antenna to Send & Receive signal from the main wireless router you want to extend, while the other antenna, amplifies the signal further.

This will definitely go a long way to help cover the dead spots in your home, areas that the wireless signal range from your main wireless router, that are not able to reach.

You do not have to use it with similar Linksys wireless routers, it work across all brands. This is a good solution as you may not want to re-invest in another router to suit your purpose. However, combining the Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender as well as any of the Linksys Wireless -N Router ensure you get the maximum bandwidth, especially if you are on a fibre optic network.

For consumers experiencing weaker signal strength or “dead spots” in the home, the Linksys RE1000 Range Extender is the perfect companion for wider home coverage. The extender is designed to take an existing wireless signal and repeat it throughout the home to ‘extend’ the signal. The Linksys Range Extender also acts as a wireless bridge – connecting a wired printer, Internet enabled TV or game console to the wireless network through its integrated Ethernet port.

You can check out the table below to see the specifications for Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender. You may purchase this device at any of the following stores;

Challenger Superstore, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Courts, South Asia Computer, Inforcom Technologies, Fuwell, A Genuine Technology, Cybermind Computer House, Cyberactive Technology, Bizgram, Videopro, Gain City and Hai Xin Rui.

Model Linksys RE1000
Retail Price / Availability S$109 / Currently Available
Technology Wireless B/G/N
Antennas 2
Transmit / Receive 2 x 2
Ports 1 x Ethernet
Installation OS Windows & MAC

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  • Ti Yam

    Over the years I have used many networking products, wired or wireless, be it Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Aztech. Among all these brands, I trusted Linksys the most. It’s the most reliable out of all the brands I have tried, not until today. Because no matter how bad the networking products are, they never push me to the stage to smash it into pieces, and Linksys RE1000 is the only one. It is the biggest fraud Linksys ever created. One day it’s working without any problem, the next day it keep disconnecting or can’t connect at all. One hour it’s working fine, the next minute it’s disconnecting for more than 10 times (I lost count). The catch is, the settings are the same! Don’t waste your money, time on this so called wireless expander/repeater. It’s pointless, hopeless, useless. Read CISCO forum and you will find just how many users can’t ever get it to work. Bear in mind I am using a Linksys router, so there shouldn’t be any compatible issue.

    • mhisham

       Hi Ti Yam,

      Tech65 welcome all feedback, especially from users of hardware products we review. When I tested the extender, I did not experience any of the problems you mentioned thus I was able to give the review as I did above.

      I hope you are able to find a product that will achieve your objective of extending the range of the wireless connectivity at the location you are in now.

      best regards,
      Mohd Hisham

    • mhisham

      Hi Ti Yam,
      I shared your feedback with the Cisco-Linksys team and they wanted to contact you to understand your problem further. Can you please drop me a mail 

      mhisham AT please? 

      • Actually, Hisham meant mhisham at

    • mhisham

      oh yeah im sorry – it is mhisham AT 

  • Chan

    I am totally agreed with Ti Yam, exactly the same situation as he described. I have updated with the latest firmware released on Feb 2012, but the problem still persisted. I really doubt that should i continue to purchase linksys products ……

  • Gerry

    Had it for one week. Disconnects for no reason. I’m using a new Linksys router that should be 100% compatible. I am not an IT expert, and I will not waste my time with this. I am returning the product.

  • Steve

    Not too impressed with this product. Continually dropping with Windows 7 having to reset it. Sometimes that works and sometimes it does not. I was a Linksys fan until now.

  • I won’t recommend any range extender until all options are explored, such as getting a 6 antenna router.

  • Why would you even use the CD? Just connect a computer to the ethernet port on the device and login to extender’s IP address

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