Simply Geek #20 – Cloud Operating Systems

Continuing from out discussion of Cloud Computing, we talk about Cloud based OSes.. What are they? How do they work? How can they be used? With the help of Timothy and resident CloudOS tinkerer Hisham, the crew clarifies the confusion around JolliOS, ChromeOS and other cloud based OSes.

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-NTT, Timothy, Daniel, Hisham.

Show Notes:

Pringles Cantenna
WiFi Windsurfer

Cloud Operating Systems
Google Cr-48

  • I know I said that the offline functionality for Google Docs is not that great, this Google announcement shared by @mattcutts:disqus shows that there will be offline support for Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Docs.

    The announcement was made by Google during their #io2011 #googleio conference. I am sure there will be valid links, here’s a good start with @mattcutts:twitter tweet.!/mattcutts/status/68365905574367233

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