CoolerMaster V6 Muscle Cooler Giveaway

Our good friends at VR-Zone have sent our way a top-of-the-line Cooler Master V6. Now I’m not really one for PC hardware, but when I pulled this monster out I was rather reminded of the Hyper Cube (is that what it was called?) in Transformers. I can’t, unfortunately, even test it out, because I’ve not been on a desktop system since 2008, but if I had tried it on any average desktop system I might have blown the power supply unit because this cooler draws a mother-load of power.

Well spread the love, as they say, so we’re giving this mega-cooler away to one lucky reader who will love it and put it to optimum use!

All we ask you to do is to visit VR-Zone‘s recently revamped website, have a look around, and comment below to tell us just one thing you like about their new layout. Or if you haven’t been to VR-Zone (which is pretty hard to do, if you have a need for this cooler), tell us anything you like about the new website.

And to the dear lucky winner who will get this, you are hereby reminded to use it wisely and responsibly. We will not be held responsible if you trip your entire neighbourhood’s electricity after installing this.

Contest will end 31st May. Good luck!

  • I like the row of older stories at the top. The way they use the pictures remind me of windows phone 7. Very clean and modern.

  • Anonymous

    They are running on wordpress…
    Clean and neat layout with blue as their theme color.
    Nice 😛

  • Jason

    I like the layout of pictures and the sharing of media.

  • so who won?

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