Blackberry Playbook First Look

We got a chance to get some time with Blackberry’s upcoming Tablet, the Playbook. It’s got quite a brilliant hardware and UI, as you can see in the video.

It’s quite obvious that some of the features on that tablet was just for showing off their hardware capabilities (I mean, who want’s to play Need For Speed while watching a HD video at the same time? In fact, I’d prefer if they freeze my game when I get out). We’ve also found the device to be a little buggy, with applications quitting on its own due to crashes, though no 1.0 hardware isn’t buggy. The strangest thing to me, though, is the fact that without a Blackberry phone, the Playbook will not have any email, calendar or address book clients. Nevertheless, powerful hardware is powerful hardware.

That doesn’t stop the debates going on about this tablet’s future. I’m personally a little skeptical with the Playbook, especially with the fact that it’s reliant on a Blackberry phone to be fully featured, and that there have been reports that the quality of the 3rd party apps are not very high. That’s just my own opinion, though. We’ll have to wait and see what the future of Blackberry tablets hold.

But most importantly, what do YOU think?

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