65Bits #200: Annual Predictions Episode

That’s right, we’re back with our annual predictions episode. An episode where we simply sit around with a couple of beers and/or other suitable highly flammable liquids, ionic plasmas and mad concoctions of liquors and bathtub booze. We bring together the entire crew of Tech65 as well as the occasional street tramp (Yes, we’re looking very much at you, Mr. Italian Castrato) and revisit our 2010 predictions. We then go on to predict what we’re gonna see in 2011 in the world of Tech. I could lie and say it was largely boring and highly unlistenable because of Chinmay’s High Pitched imitations of Lady Gaga, but you know we wouldn’t inflict that upon you. We thus humbly request that you listen in to find out how accurate we were last year, and based on such knowledge, assess our efforts in predicting next year’s outcomes.

65Bits is going through metamorphosis, and as a butterfly takes time to emerge from it’s beautiful hanging cocoon, so must the team here at Tech65, well, I say team… we really mean the Monkeys. You’ve met them, Justin and Justin? Do sit tight, and keep looking at our podcast feeds, and cut us some slack, coz y’know if Singapore’s …est podcast can take a break, you better let us take one too! Soon, you will be able to hear us again in a new format and fresh sound. So keep supporting us, which means telling your friends other than Jerrick, Hisham and DK, to check us out for everything Tech. P.S. Sayanee, I didn’t forget you! You tick so many boxes on our equal opportunities form, you should be president of our little set-up. *so say the word and I’ll …disappear a certain Daniel Tsou.*

– Daniel, Jerrick, Justin, NTT, DK, Hisham, Sayanee.

[1:00] Our predictions from 2009.
[17:00] Tech65 Crew’s Predictions for Technology in 2011.

NTT is our Indian podcaster *Tech65 is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of all creeds, orientations, Operating Systems* NTT brings with him a knowledge of things Podcast, and things Tech and once in a while even gives us free publicity with which we are immensely grateful for! NTT also brings to this podcast facial hair, which our Chinese podcasters are sorely lacking in. Email NTT at: ntt at tech65 dot org or visit his blog
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