a-JAYS Four Earphones Unbox

Looking for a pair of earphones that not only have good sound quality, but also comes with a full iPhone wired remote and mic? Well, I just bought one myself which you might be interested in. The a-JAYS Four are a pair of in-ear earphones with a full-featured 3-button in-line remote (Volume +, – and the universal iPhone button) and microphone. Enjoy the unboxing!

Link: a-Jays Four

  • I’ve been very tempted by the A-Jays earphones. How are you finding the sound quality and durability. Because my Sennheiser CX300II died after a rather intense workout.Do the A-Jays feel more sturdy?

  • Pinot-noir

    hey, thanks for your video, it was very interesting to see some details of this headset. 
    I was wondering if you could write something about compatibility of a-jays four with HTC devices especially nexus one. does the mic works ? and the buttons ? do they work with mort player or other players ? 

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