Simply Geek #15 - Digital Content on TVs

We had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago after attending Western Digital’s launch of the WD TV Live Hub. What’s the deal with media centers? Are they even relevant to consumers today? Why would anyone want to watch content on their TV instead of watching from their computer? What’s the missing piece in this market in Asia? And how does mioTV fit into the picture?

No better way than to discuss this on Simply Geek. Read on for the show notes!

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Show Notes:

  • [01:00] What have you been up to
  • [03:50] Discussion
    • [04:05] Two types of media centre products (Offline vs Online)
    • [08:50] Common denominator (i.e Content is king)
    • [10:30] Two ways media centre manufacturers handle this
      • Either make boxes that help people download and watch easily in one box
      • Or create an easy way to provide content in Asia
    • [12:30] Providing content in Asia
    • [13:50] How about mioTV?
      • [16:30] Making it easy for people to find, decide or purchase
      • [19:00] User experience, pricing and marketing the show
      • [21:00] Best way to get people interested? Free or single episodes?
      • [25:15] Is mioTV traditional or IPTV?
    • [27:30] mioTV – so close yet so far
      • [28:00] What can mioTV do
        • Improve the UI
        • Marketing
        • Pricing Model
        • [30:40] Buy off the shelf, maybe?
        • [32:30] Summary
      • [33:00] What could stop Singtel?
      • [37:30] Starhub (Traditional TV) as a competitor?
    • [38:15] Are media centres still relevant? Do people still care about watching on TV?
  • [45:40] Conclusion

What do you think? Do you disagree or agree? Join in the discussion!

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