Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Giveaway

Hey! It’s the holidays, and it’s time for Tech65 to give out the goodies! Since our previous Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Giveaway was so successful, we are giving away MORE Parallels products again! This time, it’s… not one… but TWO copies of Parallels Desktop 6.

All you need to do is just comment on this blog post telling us you want it, and you stand a chance to win a Parallels Desktop 6. We will randomly select 2 lucky winners to walk away with this awesome Parallels Desktop 6. This giveaway ends on the 22nd December 2359 GMT+8 Singapore time, and only people residing in Singapore are eligible.

About Parallels Desktop 6:

  • The fastest, smartest and most powerful version yet of the number one selling software for running Windows and Mac applications side-by-side on a Mac without rebooting
  • With more than 80 new and enhanced features, Parallels Desktop 6 delivers unprecedented advances in mobility, productivity, performance and graphics – the areas people care about most – including remote access to Windows on a Mac from Apple iPads and iPhones
  • 3D graphics run nearly 40 percent better than before and are also two-times better than the competition
  • Boot time for Windows is 41 percent faster than before and twice as fast as the competition’s latest offering
  • Wow cool i have been waiting for this! I could really use Parallels 6 to get my job done!

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  • me me me! so i can windows my mac and mac my windows!

  • I want this! With Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, I will no longer need to use BootCamp and keep rebooting whenever I need to use both Mac & PC environments!

  • Sidwyn Koh

    Would love to have this 🙂

  • Coldkohmew

    cool i want!!!

  • dk

    I can apply right? 😀

    Me me me me!!!!

  • I want it because it because I need it to run Windows so that I can test it on IE. Not every app is stable on Mac, case in point is POEdit!

  • I want this because I need this!!! I cannot live without my windows OR my MAC so… I MUST HAVE THE BOTH!!! hehehe me me me gimme gimme gimme ^.^

  • mememe! useful addition to my mac mini!

  • I want this even more! 🙂

  • I WANT IT!! ^^

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