Amazon Kindle 3 Unbox

Jerrick Lim makes us Singaporeans jealous by showing off the brand new Kindle 3 from Amazon that he just purchased in the UK in this unboxing video.

By the way, the fact that he can open the entire package with one hand says something about Amazon’s frustration-free package.

Link: Amazon Kindle 3

  • I bought this about a month ago (had to have it shipped over to Singapore).

    Best tech product I have purchased in a while. It doesn’t “slow” down, the battery practically lasts forever, it does one thing and does it well, and the Amazon Kindle book store is incredible!

    I’ve been recommending it to everyone I meet in Singapore, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to be sold here any time soon.

    • Thanks so much for your comments Abhiroop! I’m enjoying my Kindle very much too, tis really too bad we can’t get it in Singapore!

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