#0.5 Pulse of Science

We start off Episode 0.5 with the Pulse of Science – the basis of every technology we find today! This episode we invite Daniel Tsou and Justin Lee, the in-house geeks from Tech65 to talk about what are their personal pulses from the past, present and the future! Pulse of yesterday:

  1. Philosophy [1:45] Greek Philosophy, Plato, Archimedes,
  2. Electricity [4:40] AC, DC

Pulse of today:

  1. Nano Technology [7:30] CERN, Colours through particle arrangement
  2. Touch [11:15] NUI

Pulse of tomorrow:

  1. Theory of Everything [13:42] M theory (String Theory)
  2. 3D hologram [20:45]

We would love to hear from you as well… what is your 3 pulses for science? With episode 0.5, we are still experimenting with the concept of pulse. Do let us know your comments and feedback: pulse [at] tech65 [dot] org. And most importantly, we would love to have you on the show as well… drop us a note!

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