Introducing Pulse!

Introducing Pulse! A completely new show on Tech65 that takes on a ride through time. Produced by Wai Kei and hosted by Sayanee, two friends come together couple of times each month to focus on one tech topic.

Pulse is an audio talkshow that picks up the tech trends for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Each episode, Wai Kei and Sayanee invite our friends to share their personal stories on a specific technology. Pulse of the past picks up one story from yesterday that helped to revolutionize the technology that led to the creation of something like never before. Pulse of the present takes a peek at the current challenges that are definitely shaking up the world right now. And the pulse of tomorrow points us to a wild wild wish we are imagining!

For our Episode 0.1, Wai Kei and Sayanee, each talks about 3 technology that they love and most importantly, what is Pulse all about!

Do let us know what you think and most importantly, look out for Pulse Episode 0.5 real soon!

So pick up the crackers and cakes! And get ready to have a geeky ride through time to the future!

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