65Bits #191: Apple, Coffee and Windows

Munching on biscuits and coffee, we return to our favorite hideout to talk about all things Apple and Windows – APple Event and Windows Phone 7

[1:24] Apple announcements on MacOS X Lion, Face Time for Mac, Macbook Air 11.6 inch and 13 inch (Justin’s Summary)

[34:54] Windows Phone 7 Launch, Tech65’s First Look, Dell Venue Pro


Justin, DK, Ridz, Sayanee

  • zaman

    hey guys, i think you got many things wrong in this episode

    One of the things in which you were confused with was Java. Java is still supported in Mac OS X and will be in future releases but it will just be a version lesser than the current one depending on when you get your computer.

    • Hey zaman, I apologize if we were unclear or wrong about the Java issue. To my knowledge, Apple will deprecate their work on Java and leave Oracle to support it instead. It will not come bundled together with Mac OS X out of the box and requires the user to download Java separately, similar with what Microsoft is doing for Windows (due to a whole other issue altogether). That’s the point we were trying to get through, which is Mac OS has always been “it just works” out of the box, rather than having to install additional software in other to get the full “expected” experience. Leaving Java out will leave a dent in the experience, which Apple is very particular about. Yet, Apple is doing such a thing means that there might be something amiss here.

      Hope that clarifies it.

  • NTT

    BTW, why do you need to do a Fourier transform?? It’s just a time domain process, resampling and slowing down the time domain.

    Also in iMovie it’s a people finder, not a face finder. It finds clips with different number people (1, 2, people), but it can’t find specific people, like Justin, DK, etc.

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