HTC Windows Phone 7 3x First Looks

HTC Singapore launched 3 Windows Phone 7 devices in Singapore today, namely the HTC HD7. the HTC 7 Mozart and the HTC 7 Trophy, one for each of the 3 carriers in Singapore, and we got a chance to take a look at them. Read on for more videos of each individual device!

HTC HD7 (Exclusive with Singtel

HTC 7 Mozart (Exclusive with Starhub)

HTC 7 Trophy (Exclusive with M1)

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  • jason

    hd7 998 in htc windows phone 7 3x first looks vid?
    while in hd7 first look vid u mentioned 938?
    so which is the correct price? or i heard wrong?

    • Yep, you’re right. I made a mistake here. It’s 938. That’s why even the annotation at the end says 938. Thanks!

  • jason

    hope to see more wp7 reviews, so consumer can have better understanding on this platform. i personally would like to see what types of vids for playback (codec), batt life, mobile calls clarity (it’s a phone afterall). c u soon…

  • jason

    btw, although it’s launched, did u happen to ask when these be avail? or they mentioned anything?

    • No, they didn’t mention availability. But I suspect by end of November.

  • Tech 65 sucks

    U sound like rushing to hell.

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