Gear65 #60 - Samsung Galaxy Beam

Ever since we posted up our Samsung Galaxy Beam unboxing video, many people have pushed us to post up our Gear65 video for this phone. So much so that we’ve decided to change our programme sequence just for you! So what’s so special about this phone that everyone wants to know more about? Well, it’s the first smartphone (Android or not) with a built-in DLP projector!

Read on for Part 2 of this video

Link: Samsung Galaxy Beam

  • Sambhav Kothari

    Hi Daniel.
    How are you?
    Please can you confirm that the Samsung Beam is a GSM phone. Currently I live in Nigeria, and want to purchase the Beam and use it here. Also advise on what is the cost of the phone.
    Awaiting earliest response.


    • Yep it is a GSM phone!

      • Sambhav Kothari

        Thanks for ur reply Daniel.
        Is the phone available to buy? Through you or someone u know?
        How much would it cost for u to get one for me?
        Awaiting ur earliest response.

      • Hi there, I’m sorry but I only know availability information for Singapore, and yes it is on sale in Singapore now. Unfortunately we do not sell goods or distribute them. The only way you can get them is to buy them from the store.

      • Sambhav Kothari

        Thanks Daniel.
        Can you help me with the price of the phone. And also the name & location/address of the store. I will try & see if I can get it through a friend or something.
        Thanks again Daniel.

      • Sambhav Kothari

        hey Daniel!
        What reply for long 🙂
        maybe u r a busy man.
        Why is that there are not much reviews or news or any sort of updates on this samsung beam on the internet?
        Is it a defective phone waiting to be corrected? Has it been stopped by samsung?
        Its difficult to find news/price/reviews on this phone compared to other phones that are releasing nowadays.
        Kindly feed us with info or updates..whatever you have.

        just in case..u can email me on (or the email i have submitted on your site)
        thanks again!

  • mslam

    Hi Daniel,

    I m struggling very hard trying to choose between galaxy beam and S. The one thing that concerns me about galaxy S is that it only has 5mp cam and no flash! I use my phone cam absolutely everyday so Beam with the 8mp and flash would be great! But then beam is heavier and bulkier as you metioned. I am currently using Samsung M8800H with 8mp and i love the pictures!

    Since I haven’t been able to play with the Beam yet, is it possible for you to give me some suggestion? Thanks in advance ^_^


    • The beam is a lot thicker and heavier than the S though. Unless you’re really in to the projector, I would still recommend the S since it’s a lot thinner and performs better.

  • robin

    hi daniel
    i’m confused b/w samsung galaxy beam and motorola milestone xt720
    . i’m a music lover and i need gud quality external speaker. also which has best which one should i choose. help me……….

  • NTT


    If you’re a music lover, you should NEVER even think of using the external speaker on any of the phones. They are generally too small and distort too much to play out decent music at decent volume.

    Instead, you can look at the likes of the X-mini-max which does pretty decent job at playing music, is portable, and you can attach it to most cellphones.



  • Yh camera eyes (as what my facebook name is stated)

    Hi daniel

    I’m planning to buy this phone next week at starhub but i’m not sure weather i’ve choose this this phone is the right choice as my next phone… because when i bought a new phone, i’ve to wait for another two years before i can get a new one so choosing a right phone is important to me. so i hope you can answer this following questions to let me know weather i’ve made the right choice.

    1. Is the sound quality from the speakers impressive? is it louder than normal?
    2. when using any apps from the phone, does it show signs of laggy-ness?
    3. Is the picture quality from the phone’s camera good?
    4. Is the video quality from the phone’s camera good? does the microphone from the phone’s video camera pick up good ambient sounds?

    These are the Questions. i hope you can answer them by next week… Thank you very very much…

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