Samsung Galaxy Beam Unbox

We got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Beam, Samsung’s first Android 2.1 phone with a built in projector. But before we give you the review, let’s take an early look into the packaging!

  • mimstyle

    we will the test !!

  • Andy

    I would guess that “thing” is a pointer for the projector if you are doing a powerpoint presentation

  • ken

    Can I try it out? Lols.

  • Metan

    So why arent there any reviews on this phone ANYWHERE… I woudl think there would be atleast ONE review on it from an actual user who has played with the product or atleast shown how the projector looks in different kids of light.. Especially since it is already released.


    • Our review will be up soon!!!

      • seb

        soon ??? already 3 long days passed !!!

        if you delay, and delay…. I am sure many person will disregard your website…


  • Jamie

    It is nice to hear that the review will be very shortly. Could you give us a time frame day or date pleaseeee if possible? It’s this or the N8!

  • seb

    hello daniel,

    all of the world, we are waiting for your review for samsung galaxy beam i8520. especially I am interested how the 720Mhz processor will handle the OS and other stuff. i think the briliant specification can be ruined by this underpowered processor. as I right?
    is the operation smooth ? are there any lags ?

    greetings from Poland

  • seb

    dear daniel,

    it is really the time to publish your video review of SAMSUNG GALAXY BEAM, if not…. most of the long-waiting mobile community will more and more hate your web site, instead of loving it…

    don’t you think so ?
    come on !!!


  • Dennis Ho

    Had this phone from Starhub on road show launch. It was down after few days. The phone can’t boot up and stays at Android forever. U cant even power off. Sent to Samsung who only willing to reload program which works only for 4Days and down to the same issue. For 10Days Starhub and Samsung not able to come up with a Solution or willing to get things resolve.

    So Guys hold on for the phone – not too sure its an isolated case or not ready for launch

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