Simply Geek #10 – Mirrorless Cameras (e.g Micro 4/3)

There’s been a recent trend in the digital photography market, a new category of cameras that we recently discovered, while talking to our friends, are known as Mirrorless Cameras, or more precisely Electronic Viewfiender + Interchangeable Lens (i.e. EVIL) cameras.

So what’s the deal with these cameras? Why is Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, and more recently Sony, rushing to push such cameras out? Why not just get a DSLR? Speaking of which, what’s the deal with a DSLR in the first place? What’s a crop factor? We invited those friends of ours to answer our questions.

All this and more, on this week’s knowledge filled episode that’s Simply Geek.

Hosted by: Daniel Tsou and Justin Lee,
Featuring: Preetam Rai, Chester Chen and Qi Yong
Theme Music by Ivan Chew –

Show Notes:
[01:10] What have we been up to this week
[04:10] Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras
[04:40] What is a DSLR (the sensor)
[06:10] – Q: Is the sensor or the lens more important?
[06:40] – The difference between a DSLR and point & shoot
[07:30] Is the mirror important
[08:10] – Why not all go mirrorless then?
[08:45] Difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR
[10:20] How small have mirrorless cameras gone?
[10:50] Q: If there’s no mirror, how do I look at the picture?
[13:10] Chester Chen’s Micro 4/3 – Panasonic Lumix GH1
[13:35] Preetam Rai’s Micro 4/3 – Panasonic Lumix GF1
[14:30] Buzz words in this market:
[14:50] – Clarification on what a mirrorless camera is defined as
[15:40] – Deciphering the sensor names
[15:40] — Micro 4/3
[19:10] — APS-C
[20:40] – Crop factor
[25:20] – APS-H and other sensors
[26:05] Micro 4/3 Models today (Panasonic and Olympus)
[26:40] APS-C Models today (Samsung and Sony)
[27:10] – Sony Alpha NEX series
[28:30] Lens adapters
[31:00] – Aside: What is metering
[31:35] – Mixing lenses?
[33:10] Q: What’s stopping manufacturers from using larger sensors in mirrorless cameras?
[35:10] Exposed sensors (one disadvantage of mirrorless cameras)
[36:00] What is noise levels and ISO?
[37:40] What is shutter speed and aperture?
[38:30] Which camera to get?
[41:30] Why isn’t Canon and Nikon doing Mirroless Cameras?
[43:20] Chester’s advice on choosing a camera (the LCD screen)

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