Gear65 #58 - Samsung Galaxy S

This week we take a look at Samsung’s highest-end Android device, the Samsung Galaxy, with its very sleek yet at the same time very familiar device. So how does this phone perform? You got to pay attention to this episode where we play around with the menu, home screen and applications to know if the 1Ghz processor is doing its job!

Link: Samsung Galaxy S

  • julius

    Comments on battery life?

  • Su Yuen

    Yea I wanna know how the battery life is for the Samsung Galaxy S too.

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  • jordan

    i kinda wanna know if this phone still has that ringtone issue where when someone calls u the first couple seconds is low in volume and then picks up out of no where..

  • mike

    awesome phone, and awesome review, thx !

  • arthur

    what is the difference between the i9000 galaxy s and the m110 galaxy s?

  • tusshhar

    I heard that this phone has TV video output via 3.5mm headset jack. Have you tried anytime coz I cannot see anything in your review. You may like to view this

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