Simply Geek #9 – Starcraft 2

Some would argue that Starcraft 2 is probably the biggest game in 2010. Well, we managed to find a group of people who actually BELIEVE with all their heart that Starcraft 2 IS the biggest game this year. So how big is Starcraft 2 really? And is Starcraft really South Korea’s national sport? Let’s ask these guys!

Featuring: Daniel and NTT
Guests: Nicholas, Uzyn, Adrian


[07:18] Starcraft 2 History
[10:00] Major changes between Starcraft 1 and 2?
[13:30] What are the new changes that we’re excited about?
[15:00] Macro vs Micro and other interesting terms and strategies
[19:00] Life Casting Starcraft [HD Starcraft, Husky Starcraft]
[25:45] E-sports, Starcraft overseas
[31:30] Korean Match-Fixing Scandal []
[36:30] From now to Starcraft 2 launch in 27 July 2010
[38:00] Latest Starcraft 2 patch
[42:00] 2.0
[43:30] Starcraft 2 M18 rating in Korea?
[47:45] Starcraft 2 and Leagues in Singapore?
[55:30] Conclusion

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