65Bits #167: HP got a Palm

It’s a pretty short episode this week. The biggest story this week is HP buying Palm for $1.2b. That caught us as a surprise. We were expecting someone else. Nevertheless, its good to see someone coming out to save Palm. Microsoft decides to kill the Courier before it was even launched. What a sad news. We thought it might be a good competitor to iPad. Microsoft claims that Android infringes its patents and is demanding Android phone makers to pay a licensing fee. So far, we know HTC is paying Microsoft. No news about the rest of the Android phone makers yet. But you can be sure that Microsoft will be speaking to them shortly. Last but not least, the end of floppy disk has finally arrived. Sony decided to stop making the 3.5 inch floppy disk.

We will miss you, floppy disk.

DK, Justin & Justin

Stories this week:
[1:35] HP buys Palm for $1.2b
[12:35] Microsoft confirms, kills Courier in one fell swoop
[18:15] Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents
[22:55] Sony delivers floppy disk’s last rites

  • i don’t know whether the statement made by Microsoft about Android’s infringement is correct or not. but android is booming these days.

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