65Bits #161: Repeat after me: Windows Phone 7 Series

We are getting more information on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series, especially about things that it cannot do for us. Apple surprised everyone by banning protective screen film from Apple Store. Opera submitted their Opera Mini app to the Apple iPhone Appstore which we guess will be featured soon on our new segment call “What did Apple ban this week?” LTA launched a cool looking mobile web portal call MyTransport. SingTel, together with Ericsson, will be bringing us LTE in the 2nd half of the year. Starhub said “Me too”.

Before we begin the show, let’s all repeat after me: Windows Phone 7 Series….. Windows Phone 7 Series….. Windows Phone 7 Series…..

DK, Justin & Justin and Hisham

Stories this week:

[1:05] Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste
[14:55] Apple bans protective screen film from Apple Store
[18:15] iPhone browsing could be faster with Opera — if Apple approves
[20:35] MyTransport.SG packs travel information on the go
[29:00] SingTel and Ericsson Ride the Waves of LTE Technology
[38:25] StarHub upgrades broadband

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