Gear65 #53 - Handii Go10 Tablet PC

More and more companies are jumping onto the Tablet bandwagon. Today, we have one such company: Handii. So does the Handii Go 10 attempts to differ itself from the other tablets in the market today? You’ll have to watch this week’s Gear65 and judge for yourself!

UPDATE: Handii contacted us to let us know that our unit was not a production unit, contrary to what we were initially told. They’ve passed us a new unit with a much more polished design. Video after the break.

By the way, if you so happen to want to buy this tablet, Handii will be having a discount during the IT show that’s happening now (11th March 2010 to 14th March 2010) at Suntec Convention Center.

Link: Handii Go10 Tablet PC

P.S.: Gear65 will be back in full gear (no pun intended) soon! In the mean time, do check back for updates!


  • Charles Averty

    The build quality appears disastrous on the close-ups
    Did you do something to it (open the casing)?
    or is this a battered demo version ?
    or is it that bad?

    Why can’t Windows7 make the scrollbar bigger even for resisitive?

    • It’s that bad. In fact, my unit was supposedly brand new.

      I’m not sure why Windows 7 wouldn’t just do the same for resistive screens. I guess they never thought anyone would build tablets with resistive screens. They’re mostly Wacom screens (the traditional tablets) which need a pen anyway, or capacitive screens. The ones with resistive screens are usually the convertible tablets.

    • We were just told that this unit was not a production unit but a pre-production unit. That explains why it looked like it wasn’t manufactured properly.

  • Natty

    the GO10 is powered by a separate Intel 945 processor.

    • That’s actually incorrect. The “Intel 945” is not a processor. It’s a chipset. On the chipset is the Atom N270 processor. In fact, almost every netbook today using the N270 and the N280 processor (the N280 is the newer processor that’s been used by almost every netbook since May 2009) is on the Intel 945 chipset.

  • NTT

    @Dan Just to make it more precise, the Atom is not ON the chipset. It’s a separate chip. 🙂

    • Oops. Yep. With the chipset is the Atom processor, right? The guy between the processor and the other stuff.

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