65Bits #156: 3 Strikes and you are out

The secret Tech65 crew gathers at their usual secret hideout for another secret round of podcast.

This week, we discuss about the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement which Singapore is taking part secretly. Yes, it is a secret meeting, held in a secret location with several secret countries. But sadly, notes about the agreement has been leaked out. One of the secret point of the treaty is a “3 Strike” policy which will force ISP to stop selling you internet access if you are accused of infringing copyright 3 times.

I’m so going to copyright 3 sound file and accuse those who are part of this ACTA of infringing my copyright. Would love to see how someone survive in Singapore without internet access.

DK, Farinelli, Hisham Justin & Justin, Nicole

Stories this week:
[0:40] Apple shows in-browser info page when clicking on app store links
[4:20] Twitter reveals torrent scam details
[8:25] Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch
[15:40] ACTA Talks in Mexico to Address Transparency Concerns
[29:30] Project Nimbus

  • NTT

    A few points..

    1. OTA or FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) has been included as a technology on phones for many years. It’s pretty simple to implement. But the main issue is actually the pushing of the firmware update over the air. This needs lots of infrastructure from the telco side. Cos you can’t just push the same update to all the phones. So it’s pretty complicated on the server side. And most telco’s don’t want to take the risk of pushing updates and then having to support potential issues. So that’s what’s been stopping it.

    With Google in the picture, it’s easier, since they themselves can push this update and do all the necessary support. They already have the infrastructure.


    The main issue with what’s been leaked 3-strikes law is the fact they don’t need a warrent, even an unproven accusation is good enough. Which is a little too much. What if someone from the telco is not happy with you and decides to abuse this law?

    The second issue, is that this ACTA is being pushed as a international treaty. Which means that countries can and will be pressured to sign in. If it was just a law you can’t pressure a country to enforce it, in most democratic countries it has to go through the legal process before it can become a law, but with a treaty, they can make countries enforce this.

    I can’t speculate why Singapore is joining this treaty, but I won’t be surprised if they are being pressured by the US.

    3. DK: You can’t copyright words, and utterance of words. Copyright is not something you can ‘apply’ or ‘request’ for. Copyright is automatically attracted by creative works. The list of creative works which automatically attracts copyright can be found in the IP Act of Singapore.

    4. DK: What do you mean by ‘wake up their idea’? Or am I hearing it incorrectly?

    5. Also, I don’t think one can argue that Internet connectivity is a basic necessity for life like water. The Finns have made it a human right, which is the same as electricity, etc. But Singapore is far off from that.

    I think it’s a little too much to focus on the punitive part of this issue as much as the part that the accusations don’t need to be proven for this law to be enforced.

    Just my 2c..



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