Simply Geek #4: The iWhat?? The other side of the coin

This is Simply Geek, and weโ€™re coming to you from 3 (almost) separate locations with 3 (mostly) different topics each week! This week, well… we’re still under the… We are Apple. Lower your Shields and Prepare to Be Assimilated… Resistance is Futile… *ALL SHIPS FIRE PHASERS!! TORPEDOS AT MARK 3,2-56). Sorry got a bit carried away by Star Trek Online there… So where were we… Ah yes. Steve Note’s Reality Distortion Field’s Modulation has been changed yet again and we’ve all been assimilated. But seriously, with a name like iPad – who’s gonna want to put it between their… Hands… ๐Ÿ™‚ Just their hands. Nowhere else. At All.

– Daniel, Jerrick, NTT

Topics This Week:

[06:00] Jerrick: iTampon
[20:15] Daniel: iFeminineHygieneProduct
[33:20] NTT: iSlablet?

[48:55] Side Track: HP Envy 15

Theme Music by Ivan Chew โ€“

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