Simply Geek #3: MMOs, the Nexus One and Solid State Revolution?

This is Simply Geek, and we’re coming to you from 3 separate locations with 3 different topics each week! This week, we talk about the Star Trek MMO and how it is completely rocking Jerrick’s world to the detriment of his law degree, the Nexus One, Google’s latest foray in the cellphone business, and what we think it’s impact may be and the state of the Solid State Drive revolution, and try and answer the question of when we all can live in a world where hurling your laptop across the room for fun won’t actually destroy your hard drive!

– Daniel, Jerrick, NTT

Topics This Week:

[06:00] Jerrick: Star Trek MMO
[20:15] Daniel: Nexus One
[33:20] NTT: Solid State Drives

[46:20] Side Track: Command & Conquer 4

Theme Music by Ivan Chew –

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