Gear65 #52 - Motorola Dext

After a few weeks break, Gear65 is back! This week we’re showing off Motorola’s first Android phone in Singapore, the Motorola Dext (Known as the Cliq in the US of A). We’ve decided to add a bit more information in our Gear65 posts to help you make a better decisions, so read on for more!

Link: Motorola Dext

Some reasons why you would buy it

  • MOTOBLUR – Motorola’s UI that integrates social networking quite well
  • Good QWERTY keyboard
  • Uses standard connections (3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port)
  • It’s running Android (Pretty large application store, multi-tasking, notification bar, push gmail gcal etc)

Some reasons why you won’t

  • It’s not as smooth performing as, say, the HTC Hero, which is a surprise considering it’s newer than the Hero
  • MOTOBLUR doesn’t stand out from the crowd that much (Other folks like HTC and their Sense UI provides similar/better features)
  • Having a sliding keyboard means the device is thicker too
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