Google Nexus One Unbox

We found a friend who ordered the Google Nexus One and who was willing to let us do the unboxing on his behalf! So we went out and met him at the KFC over at the Lot1 shopping mall last night and unboxed it for him! Because of that, we didn’t have the usual proper equipment or the best sound, but I’m sure you’re not going to care, right? 😛

By the way, this was also the first time we streamed the unboxing live over Ustream! We had about 15 people in the chat room asking us questions about the Nexus One, which we did our best to answer and show off on the spot. The whole event lasted for about an hour and half and was streamed entirely off an iPhone 3GS (and subsequently an HTC Hero)! We had a lot of fun and we’ll try to do that more often in the future! So do follow our twitter feed to be informed for things like that!

Link: Buy the Google Chrome

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  • fgazer

    Hi there, is there anychance I can buy Nexus one smartphone on spot. Recommended it where you bought it. It’s takes 5 days to buy online and i can’t wait that long. My wife birthday on sat. Any advice… Thank you

    • Hey there, unfortunately, it’s not likely you’re going to see it in shops unless someone else has imported it and selling it marked up. Why don’t you give a “This coupon is a promise for a Google Nexus One, that’s currently flying across Europe on its way here”? 😛

  • yo

    Hi there,

    could u tell me how i can stop or cancel a download from the notifications?

    I tried to retrieve the unwanted downloaded file so that i could trash it away, but i couldn’t locate it anywhere, is there something like a ‘downloads’ folder where it stores all my downloads?

    do u know of any recommended apps for managing my music list? currently the available apps within the Nexus One phone is pretty limited, will appreciate if u can share some useful websites for more Nexus One applications download.

    Thank u

  • yo

    Hi there,

    I’ve managed to retrieve & trash away the unwanted downloaded file.

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