Gear65 #51 - LG Chocolate BL40

This week’s gadget is another one that has been highly anticipated: the LG Chocolate BL40. The question, though, that we all want to know the answer to is whether the BL40’s software is as cool as the phone looks. Well, it’s time to find out, this week on Gear65.

Link: LG Chocolate BL40

  • phonewala

    I would suggest you to go for LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone because it has 4-inch multitouch-sensitive with scratch-proof glass aling with that it also has GPS and Wi-Fi receivers too. For more details visit

    • I would also like to add that the software is not very smooth and has several issues, it’s a very odd shape, and there are so many other phones which perform better and are more of a joy to use.

      If anyone’s looking for phones, don’t forget that it’s not just about the design and the specs on paper (not to mention that WiFi + GPS is such a common thing in phones today). You’re going to be using this device all day to communicate, so you better make sure you can stand the UI, and the best way to find out is either watch our video or check it out yourself.

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