65Bits #151: Best tech of the decade

It’s the first week of 2010 (not 2009 or 2008), and the Tech65 crew are back recording the weekly 65bits even though there is hardly any tech news. Microsoft loses its appeal in the Custom XML patent infringement case. But no worries, a patch from Microsoft is out to un-infringe the patent. We also discuss about the new Vertex 2 Pro SSD and Samsung’s NX10. Last but not least, to fill up the space, we discuss about the best tech from last decade.

By the way, that “Meow” you hear towards the end of the show, that’s Justin Lee.

DK, Hisham, Jerrick, Justin and Justin

Stories this week

[1:20] Microsoft loses its appeal in $200-million-plus Custom XML patent infringement case
[2:10] Court-ordered patch removes custom XML tools from Office 2007 components
[6:30] OCZ Vertex 2 Pro SSD previewed
[14:40] Samsung NX10
[20:20] Best tech of the decade

  • I like the part when DK said: OK, everybody wake up.
    So funny…

  • Justin mentioned that TRIM is only supported on Windows 7. While that is true, Windows Vista & XP users should be able to benefit from TRIM support by installing Intel SSD Optimizer.


    Intel is working with the Linux community for Linux support (and by extension of that should mean Mac support) for TRIM.

    Can Justin verify that I understood this information correctly?


  • TRIM is currently only supported on Windows 7. TRIM is a low-level SSD instruction to allow the OS to determine which blocks are no longer in use. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRIM_(SSD_command)

    Intel SSD Optimizer, on platforms other than Windows 7, requires you to explicitly optimize it but does not make use of TRIM, whereas with TRIM is an implicit operation, the OS will automatically take advantage and optimize in real time. The Intel SSD Optimizer fully uses TRIM when you’re running Windows 7 which automatically optimizes for you.

  • thanks for the clarification.

  • Pj Sim

    Looking at the success of the Olympus PEN EP-1/2, and to a smaller extent, the Panasonic GF1, mirror-less “dSLR” seems to lead the way for entry-level digital photography these days. But ditching the already less-popular Pentax K-mount for Samsung’s proprietary’s is bad move IMO(albeit there’s a workaround via a K-mount adapter). Should have just stuck to Pentax mount, so the end-user can easily access to the multitude of Pentax lenses available. Although the sensor(APS-C) easily beats the m4/3 in terms of sensor size, I highly doubt Samsung have the expertise in noise control and camera algorithms. They should channel their efforts in R&D such as the Dual-LCDs ST500/550, which I think is an excellent feature since live-view and articulated LCDs.

    Rumor says Sony might be next in this mirror-less race. Let’s hope they don’t screw up this one too.

  • was-a-fan

    Felt really bad for Justin when one of your fellow co-hosts completely disrespected your sharing session on the best tech of the decade.

    With the passion that Justin showed when he was describing why he chose .Net as the tech of the decade, the least a co-host could do is to respect his views and not ridiculing him.

    I understand with his shallow knowledge in technology (except to comment on how cool a new smart phone is by having an extra button for camera, or having a 8MP camera on a phone), he wouldn’t have much to comment on Justin’s views. But at least, show some respect.

    It left a really bad aftertaste after listening to it.

    • @was-a-fan. Hi there. Thanks for your comment. I was not offended or felt disrespected in any way whatsoever by what happened during the episode recording. I appreciate your need to stand up for me and defend my “honour”. For that I thank you.

      As a team, Tech65 has always treated each other with the greatest respect. Any perceived “disrespect” is always meant with the kindest of hearts and with little mean intention. However, we understand that the listener doesn’t have the benefit of being on “set” with us and know our repertoire with each other. We want to deliver the best production always, and understand how this playful banter might be perceived negatively by our listeners. For that, we apologise for any misperception and hope this does not tarnish our show in your eyes. We do appreciate your comment as it shows us that such actions are affecting the way you listen to the show. If you have any such problems in the future, we welcome any comments you may post. We hope you will continue to listen to us.


  • NTT

    @PJ Sim. Thanks for that info.. Having heard so many great reviews of the EP1/2, I am finding it hard to get impressed by the NX10. But I guess we can only know when we test it out. Are you into cameras? How can we contact you?

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