DigressCast Episode 9: Christmas Wish

Twas’ the night before Christmas,
And all around,
the thinkeyly think, of Gadgety sounds,
It was magical, it was fantastical,
as the crew from 65, gathered round.

On the roof Nicole heard,
the clompity compity of Saint Nick’s reindeer,
Daniel squealed, Fari grinned and DK had a beer,
NTT played in the snow,
as he is wont to do,
whilst Justin, sweet Justin, roasted a cockatoo,
Saint Nick showered upon them,
a hard drive, a camera and maybe even a Voodoo or two!
But alas this scene missed, a few boys, for they were up to no good
Naveen with his wiley ways, and Jerrick with his bad taste.
Saint Nick visited them anyway – to bring them a gift,
one that lasts all time. The gift of friends, those who talk tech, and those who love tech.

As he parted, Ol’ Nick said – Merry Christmas to All, and to All – A Tech Night 🙂

In this episode, we bring out our gadget geekness and discuss about what our dream gadget we want for Christmas. Weird ideas from controlling the weather, to teleportation, to brain dumps.

Happy Christmas, and May all your dreams be of Terabyte hard drives, DSLRs and well priced earphones.

Justin Lee
A weird, passionate geek for technology with an undying love to pick at every flaw that will hopefully improve technology all around. Owns a lovely MacBook Pro with 8gigs of ram, involved intimately with Linux and works closely with Microsoft technologies. Wants to own an iPhone 4, owns an HTC Hero Android phone, Nexus One, once owned an iPhone 3g, still owns a 1st gen Sony Ericsson W800i. A coder of many languages, from Haskell to C#, from F# to Ruby. A jack of all technology, a master of one. Motto is "Taking over the world with every line of code". To contact me, email justin at tech65 dot org or check out my site justinlee.sg.
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