Simply Geek #0.5: The Preview Delta Alpha Pre Release Candidate Release

Something Funny happened one day whilst we were skyping each other via the Interwebs, we decided we needed a new show, a show that would bring together the four corners of the geek world in a way which has never been done before. We needed something fresh, something different. Something Simply Geek.

Our show is designed for one thing and one thing only, the Geek Topics of the week which makes us proud to be geeks. And each of our hosts will pick a geek topic for the rest of us to discuss. Be it the week’s most delicious tech news, affairs that worry and tantalise us to no end, and of course Geek Goddesses who spin our heads. This show is a labour of love, a love for Geek Culture, Geek Cred and above all else a dedication to you our dear listener.

Geek Topics of the week:

Jerrick – Rise and Fall of the Smartphones.
NTT – Apple’s purchase of Lala.
Daniel – M$ Office 2010

And to round things off on a luscious note – Sidetrack.

  • dk

    What’s the RSS feed for Simply Geek? 😀

    • Oh yea… Haha.. It’s on the side of the website now under the podcast feeds.

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