Gear65 #48 - Sony Vaio X

The Gear65 episode you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! This week we finally take a look at the ultra-thin Sony Vaio X, a machine that in my opinion is Sony building a right product. We can’t hide the fact that we really love this machine, so much so that we made a 2-part special! So grab some pop-corn, sit back and find out if you feel the same about this sexy machine as we did. (Don’t forget to click on to watch Part 2 of the video as well!!)

Link: Sony Vaio X

  • CK

    Any chance of showing how the Sony Vaio X handle Full HD video? Youtube HD?

    Sony should have made the arrows keys smaller and remove the additional Fn key and made the Shift key longer.

    Great review! So tempting… must control….

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  • actually I’m running Windows 7 Professional on my S10-2 and I must say that there is also no lag when running aero on it.. The reason why netbooks do not have aero on them is because they are running on windows 7 starter edition and they don’t have the aero feature..

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