Gear65 #46 - Sony Ericsson Satio

This week we take a look at the highly anticipated Satio, Sony Ericsson’s first S60 version 5 smartphone packing a powerful 12 megapixel camera. Does the Satio meet your expectations? Judget for yourself this week as well give you a tour of the Satio in this week’s Gear65!

Link: Sony Ericsson Satio

  • Nicole

    hey daniel,

    im considering either Satio or the Omnia HD/ i8910.. which do u think wud be better?

    • The Satio certainly has a better camera, but you really need to decide for yourself by comparing the features and the problems based on your preferences and needs.

  • Eugene

    satio vs pixon 12. Comment?

    • They’re very different phones because the Satio is a smartphone, while the Pixon 12 is not a smartphone. A smartphone let’s you expand the feature set by installing applications.

  • Yew hui

    I’ve a request… can u made a comparison video? its a video about Samsung pixon 12 vs Sony ericsson Satio… it will be great if u can make that… thanks

  • hairi

    Satio or htc hd2 better??

    • HTC HD2 is a different class from the Satio. It’s certainly better than the Satio in every respect except maybe the camera.

  • Zinphyohtai

    Satio or iphone 4 ..which phone do u think wud be better?

    • The iPhone 4’s operating system performs better than the Satio, and there are a lot more apps, significantly a lot more on the iPhone 4 than on Series 60.

  • Zinphyohtai

    cool………….thx for tell me………..
    when was Satio come out………..?

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