Gear65 Year 2009 in Review Posted on: December 31, 2009 at 10:00 am Posted in: Gear65,VideoCasts

An entire year of Gear65! More than 50 gadgets!! Thanks so much for your support this year and even though it’s been only 1 year, we’ve come a long way since our launch at last year’s 2nd anniversary event.

With an entire year of reviews behind us, the crew comes together and shares with us what is their favourite gadget from the pile of gadgets we reviewed this year.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to showing you another year of gadgets in 2010!

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65Bits #150: Predictions for 2010 Posted on: December 30, 2009 at 4:29 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

It’s the end of the year again. And as always, the Tech65 crew gathers to make their prediction for the next year. Partly because there isn’t much tech news during the last week of the year. Also because we want to act smart and say “See, we told you so” next year. Let’s see how many prediction come true when we hit episode 200.

[2:20] Tech65 Crew Revist last years predictions
[13:40] Tech65 Crew makes new predictions for 2010

Happy 2010!!!

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Gear65 #50 – Samsung OmniaPro B7330 Posted on: at 10:00 am Posted in: Gear65,VideoCasts

Our 50th episode! In this milestone episode, we take a look at the Samsung OmniaPro B7330, a Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Edition smartphone with a qwerty keyboard. Just like the HTC TouchPro2, this device gave us a chance to play with Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Edition for the first time, and unlike the Professional edition, non-touchscreen phones actually benefited from the upgrade!

Link: Samsung OmniaPro B7330

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Simply Geek #1: When in China, eat your Apples. Posted on: December 29, 2009 at 10:00 am Posted in: Podcasts,Simply Geek

Hello World!! This is the 1st official episode of Simply Geek, our brand new podcast on Tech65. The idea behind this podcast is to allow the crew to talk about Geeky topics (not just Tech) of their own interest. It could be new ideas, discussions, opinions and most importantly, topics that interest us. So each host (and maybe guests) brings to the table, one topic which he/she is responsible for leading and the rest is well, simply geek. Of course, we end off each week topics with sidetrack, because that’s what Tech65 does best, where we just talk about random geeky things (something we’ve gotten good at, so we thought we’d just make it a segment :P).

Oh and did we mention we record this show over Skype? Yes indeed. Mainly because we’re all located all over the world. And, another cool 1st is our theme music for this podcast. We decided to rope in some help from our creative friends and got Ivan Chew (@ramblinglibrarian) to help us with the music. Pretty cool huh?

So, we really hope you enjoy our new show. And please do give us feedback about the idea, content and execution of Simply Geek. You can email us at sg {at} Or any one of us individually.

-NTT, Daniel, Farinelli

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DigressCast Episode 9: Christmas Wish Posted on: December 24, 2009 at 1:00 pm Posted in: DigressCast,Podcasts

Twas’ the night before Christmas,
And all around,
the thinkeyly think, of Gadgety sounds,
It was magical, it was fantastical,
as the crew from 65, gathered round.

On the roof Nicole heard,
the clompity compity of Saint Nick’s reindeer,
Daniel squealed, Fari grinned and DK had a beer,
NTT played in the snow,
as he is wont to do,
whilst Justin, sweet Justin, roasted a cockatoo,
Saint Nick showered upon them,
a hard drive, a camera and maybe even a Voodoo or two!
But alas this scene missed, a few boys, for they were up to no good
Naveen with his wiley ways, and Jerrick with his bad taste.
Saint Nick visited them anyway – to bring them a gift,
one that lasts all time. The gift of friends, those who talk tech, and those who love tech.

As he parted, Ol’ Nick said – Merry Christmas to All, and to All – A Tech Night 🙂

In this episode, we bring out our gadget geekness and discuss about what our dream gadget we want for Christmas. Weird ideas from controlling the weather, to teleportation, to brain dumps.

Happy Christmas, and May all your dreams be of Terabyte hard drives, DSLRs and well priced earphones.

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Gear65 #49 – Nokia E72 Posted on: December 23, 2009 at 10:00 am Posted in: Gear65,VideoCasts

This week we take a look at Nokia’s successor to the E71, the E72, and discover what’s new and what has changed since, and why this particular phone actually deserves a two part special on our show!

Link: Nokia E72
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65Bits Episode 149: Look out the window Posted on: December 22, 2009 at 3:16 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

On 31 Dec 2009, we will be counting down to the shutting down of TV Mobile. Most of us are happy about it, except Justin who refuse to look out the window when he is bored during the bus journey. IDA sets new guidelines for the 3 local Telcos on contracts and termination fees. Singapore come in 10th position for the riskiest Top Level Domain and we are glad that Tech65 URL is .ORG and not .SG. Twitter has been hacked again, what’s new? Someone spotted the Nexus One, the rumored gPhone. And we had a sneak peak at the not rumored new site.

We are just 1 more episode to the big 150 and DK has still no idea what to do on that episode.

DK, Farinelli, Justin and Daniel Ho

Stories this week

[1:30] MediaCorp to discontinue TV Mobile from next year
[6:10] New rules cap telco contract duration at 24 months
[9:35] McAfee uncovers riskiest domains
[14:05] Twitter Has Been Hacked
[17:50] Nexus One finally caught on video

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DigressCast Episode 8: Moving Along Swiftly To The Next Topic Because This Topic Has Expired… Posted on: December 21, 2009 at 9:30 am Posted in: DigressCast,Podcasts

We did this episode when we’re really high on caffeine. This is the first time where we have most of the Tech65 crew gathered together after doing so many episodes of 65bits and Gear65 at one go. This is our usual DigressCast style format where we just talk about anything under the sun. But there’s something special about this. We have a timer called Farinelli to buzz us when the topic becomes stale and moving to the next topic. Interesting? Let us know.

Enjoy the episode!

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Simply Geek #0.5: The Preview Delta Alpha Pre Release Candidate Release Posted on: at 12:34 am Posted in: Podcasts,Simply Geek

Something Funny happened one day whilst we were skyping each other via the Interwebs, we decided we needed a new show, a show that would bring together the four corners of the geek world in a way which has never been done before. We needed something fresh, something different. Something Simply Geek.

Our show is designed for one thing and one thing only, the Geek Topics of the week which makes us proud to be geeks. And each of our hosts will pick a geek topic for the rest of us to discuss. Be it the week’s most delicious tech news, affairs that worry and tantalise us to no end, and of course Geek Goddesses who spin our heads. This show is a labour of love, a love for Geek Culture, Geek Cred and above all else a dedication to you our dear listener.

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Backstage: The Tech65 Crew and Their Toys Posted on: December 19, 2009 at 10:40 am Posted in: Backstage,Blog

Here’s a sneak peak at an upcoming episode to celebrate an entire year of video gadget reviews! The crew pour out every single gadget from their bag onto the table. This is why you should talk to us when it comes to gadgets! 😛

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