HP TouchSmart 300 Unbox

Today we got to unbox the HP TouchSmart 300 PC, featured on one of our recent first look videos, specially thanks to Melvin Yuan. This box was so huge we needed two people to do the unboxing! The HP TouchSmart 300 is essentially a 19″ All-in-one touch screen computer running on Windows 7. The unit that we received happened to be a low-end model without the TV tuner or the keyboard light, as featured at the Nothing But HP For Me event.

  • CK

    LOL. I had a good laugh at 2:52. I wonder if the Get Started part is already touch enabled, or you need to get through that part with a mouse first. Overall, that was a cool unboxing.

    • It probably was touch enabled too, we just totally forgot about the fact that we could use our fingers. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  • Neil

    Hi there, i yesterday unboxed my very own HPtouchsmart300, so i am still working out all the buttons and features.

    But you were very informative,around the 5min:25second mark regarding the inbuilt webcam.I had totaly forgotten about the lever on the rear and thought only the top of my head would be shown on cam.
    So i had installed my older webcam (Logitech900) to run ontop.
    Simply flicking that rear lever, the inbuilt webacm “lowers”, you picked up on that right away.

    Thanks to your great review.
    Cheers from Australia.

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