Google Maps finally fully featured in Singapore (HD Video Demo)

Last week, Google Singapore announced a collaboration with LTA that brought traffic information as well as transit information into Google Maps in Singapore. DK and myself were there, and we recorded their demo on video for all of you to see.

Here’s a tip: One of the best ways to make the most out of technology is to watch the demonstrations of a newly launch product, as most of the time there are new and powerful features that you wouldn’t be aware of unless someone told you about them, and product demos usually help you be aware of these powerful features in that product. So I do encourage you to watch product demos for products that matter to you.

Read on for the second part of the Demo where they show off some cool extra features on Google Maps Singapore.

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  • CK

    Second video is private.

    • Ahh!! I thought I changed it!! Thanks for informing me!!

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  • Neat. Did google do this by themself or they cooperate with local player (eg: gothere). As it is fully featured, what happen to the local players?

    • They cooperated with LTA for the data. Fully featured meaning by Google Maps’ standards in the other major cities around the world. is still around. Their advantage is still the fact that their features are more than Google Maps’ “fully-featured” state.

  • haikkel

    Many locals like me are still using I think they still have the best maps. The last time I use Google Maps, I was seriously lost. The entire area was outdated.

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