65Bits Episode 144: Hackers and HackerSpace

We are back at our cozy 8 Shenton Way Starbucks again this week. The biggest news this week in Singapore has to be Starhub going to sell iPhone. OK, maybe just for the Starhub users who wants to get iPhone but couldn’t find anyone to sign a Singtel contract for them. Google is moving rapidly towards world domination. This week, we saw Google buying over AdMob, Gizmo5 and coming out with their own programming language call Go. Creative ZiiLABS to launch a netbook which looks very exciting except it can’t run Windows 7. You can facebook from your Xbox360 soon. And Tech65 was hacked recently and HackerSpace is coming soon.

DK, Farinelli, Justin & Justin

Stories this week

[1:40] StarHub to offer iPhone
[7:55] Google investing in a mobile future with AdMob
[10:00] Google Has Acquired Gizmo5
[15:00] Google’s Go: A New Programming Language That’s Python Meets C++
[23:10] ZiiLABS ZMS-08 offers Cortex A8-powered Full HD and Flash acceleration for netbooks
[30:20] Xbox 360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm hit Nov. 17
[36:10] Tech65 website was hacked on monday night
[38:00] HackerSpace.SG

[43:20] Byte of the week: Prezi

  • 7:10 -> Perhaps M1 doesn’t have a cap because they don’t have enough customers to bring their network down 😛 But honestly, there is no such thing as unlimited in this world, every network has a limit. I actually prefer it if they actually tell me how much data I actually have… Even 100GB is better than unlimited IMO…

  • dk

    Daniel: But you and I know that M1 has the worst Data network among the 3 telcos.

  • Been listening to tech65 when I rest in between my exams.. haha.. good for relaxation..

    Maybe you all could talk about the new features for Singapore Google Maps next week!

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