65Bits Episode 142: The one with 2 Justin

Doomsday is coming for all GPS makers as Google enter the GPS Navigation market. The crew discuss about Motorola Droid and how Verizon save Motorola. The much awaited Palm Pre is most likely not coming to Singapore any time soon. Santa is checking his Twitter list twice and HTC is now quietly brilliant.

By the way, I think we have found our new home at 8 Shenton Way Starbucks. (Formerly Temasek Tower) Do pop by every Saturday morning to join us at our recording. For more updates on where and when we are doing our 65bits recording, follow our twitter account.

Daniel, DK, Farinelli, Justin & Justin, Nicole

Stories this week

[1:50] Announcing Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0
[4:10] Google’s New Mobile App Cuts GPS Nav Companies At The Knees
[10:40] Motorola DROID review
[16:05] How Motorola Stopped Sucking
[16:25] Bad news! Singapore will not be getting Palm Pre or WebOS device anytime soon
[22:40] Check It Twice: Twitter Lists Now Open To All Users
[26:20] Twitter, Outlines, Lists, Directories, Y!ou
[31:20] HTC is ‘Quietly Brilliant’
[34:10] Witty Taglines and Wicked Tattoos by HTC

  • CK

    I don’t understand what is the big deal with Motorola Droid. The customization is nowhere near as good as HTC Sense and from most of the video I see of it, it is pretty sluggish. Most of the “advances” are just from Android 2.0 anyway. All these excitement is just generated by big marketing budget, but the device itself look pretty average.

    Actually, I am waiting for an Android phone that has a slide out keyboard like the Palm Pre. I hate on-screen keyboards and I really don’t like landscape QWERTY keyboards. If only HTC can make a Palm Pre clone running Android soon.

    • Yep. That’s what we felt too when we talked about it. However, after the recording we discovered a few things about that Droid that made it more exciting than it appeared.

      For one, it was using a really good processor, the Cortex A8, that some argued was better in performance than the snapdragon, though the clock speed was slower.

      We also got a tip from someone who worked on the device. He claims there are certain aspects of the Motorola Droid that most people didn’t realise that are quite exciting.

      Hopefully we can get more information and actually discover what the fuss is all about.

  • dk

    Actually, I’m just excited that more company is producing Android devices. The Android platform will only be successful if they have a lot of phone makers onboard.

    • CK

      I think the other key component is the apps for Android. In order for Android to reach the iPhone mind share, it is essential for there to be a lot of desirable apps for the consumers. At the moment, Android is still pretty much a geek platform.

      Having a lot of different devices with different specs and capabilities is not necessarily good for apps developers. The most attractive thing for iPhone developers I would say is the limited hardware that they have to test for. You don’t have to worry about the consumer’s hardware not performing up to standard for the iPhone. This can be a real problem for Android developers as more Android devices become available, and the phone makers start to go for the budget segment with less capable hardware.

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