HP TouchSmart 300 Unbox Posted on: November 25, 2009 at 3:00 pm Posted in: Unbox,VideoCasts

Today we got to unbox the HP TouchSmart 300 PC, featured on one of our recent first look videos, specially thanks to Melvin Yuan. This box was so huge we needed two people to do the unboxing! The HP TouchSmart 300 is essentially a 19″ All-in-one touch screen computer running on Windows 7. The unit that we received happened to be a low-end model without the TV tuner or the keyboard light, as featured at the Nothing But HP For Me event.

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Our Fellow Tech Podcasters Posted on: at 12:00 pm Posted in: Blog

Since Michael Foong was on 65bits last week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share with you some of the other tech-related podcasts from some of Tech65’s friends.

This Week In Asia
This Week In Asia
This is a podcast by our friends Bernard Leong (from SGentrepreneurs), Michael Foong and a few others where they chat about the latest, hottest and interesting tech news that dominate the entire landscape of Asia every week. Much like 65bits, but think the whole of Asia. You’ll hear a lot more about places like China on that show, something that you don’t hear discussed much today as far as podcasts are concerned. If you’re interested in developments beyond our shores, especially in countries like China, that’s a good show to catch.

This is another podcast by Michael Foong. theITChannel is best explained as the 65bits of Malaysia. If you live across the causeway from us, that’s a show you might wanna watch out for.

Kevin Lim, the friendly social cyborg, has been a long time supporter of Tech65 and our shows, so how can we miss out his show, the TheoryCast? Kevin talks a lot about social media and technology on his blog, Theory.IsTheReason.com, and the TheoryCast is his video version of that blog, where he covers talks that he conducts, interviews as well as geeky moments too. That’s another cool show to check out.

One thing the four of us have in common (Tech65, TWiA, theITChannel and Kevin) is that we’re all driven by passion for the field we talk about. People like Kevin and the individuals over at TWiA have supported us all this while since we began several years ago, and as members of this small community, it’s only right that we give them our support as well. So do check out their shows, especially if they cover an area that you’re interested in!

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65Bits Episode 145: Preview is the new Beta Posted on: November 24, 2009 at 5:53 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

We are recording at Barcamp Singapore 4 which is held at the beautiful IDA office. That’s why we are keeping this week’s episode very short. Everyone is eager to go out and join the Barcamp. (Plus there aren’t much stories this week) The crew talks about the big google news in Singapore. Singapore Traffic and Transit information is now available on Google maps. Google gives us a sneak peak on the Google Chrome OS which should be coming out sometime late next year I hope. And Windows Mobile is losing market share. (No surprise actually)

We are happy to have Michael Foong from theITChannel, TWiA (and many more) joining us. We also have Marc and Nicole sitting in.

DK, Justin & Justin, Michael Foong

Stories this week

[1:25] Google Maps finally fully featured in Singapore Correction: Transit information like MRT and Bus routes are also available in Singapore Google Map.
[7:55] Google’s Chrome OS revealed
[18:20] Windows Mobile loses nearly a third of market share

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Toshiba Portege 110/130 First Look Posted on: at 2:18 pm Posted in: First Looks,VideoCasts

Toshiba’s Computer Systems Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd, announced its new Slim series of PORTÉGÉ Notebook PCs, a new class of consumer ultra-thin Notebook PCs designed to meet the demands of everyday mobility with Notebook-class performance and an amazing battery life that will last up to 11 hours1 or over one working day.

Measuring less than one inch thin at its slimmest point and starting at 1.58kg2, the ultra-thin PORTÉGÉ series does not cut corners on features or performance. With Windows® 7, power-efficient Intel® ultra-low voltage processors, and hard drive protection with 3D motion sensors, the new ultra-thin Slim series Notebook PCs have the performance, flexibility and functionality that consumers have come to expect from standard-sized Notebook PCs, yet in a highly portable package.

The new Slim series will be available in two screen sizes and various color options:

  • The PORTÉGÉ T130 features a 13.3-inch Clear SuperView 16:9 widescreen display and will be available with Toshiba’s Fusion Finish in Glossy Precious Black, Glossy Iron Red, and Glossy Pearl White.
  • The PORTÉGÉ T110 offers a 11.6-inch Clear SuperView 16:9 widescreen display and will be available with Toshiba’s Fusion Finish in Glossy Precious Black and Glossy Iron Red. Designed to be stylish both in and out, Toshiba’s Fusion Finish design extends inside the Notebook PC, around the keyboard, touch pad and the display.
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Google Maps finally fully featured in Singapore (HD Video Demo) Posted on: at 2:05 pm Posted in: First Looks,VideoCasts

Last week, Google Singapore announced a collaboration with LTA that brought traffic information as well as transit information into Google Maps in Singapore. DK and myself were there, and we recorded their demo on video for all of you to see.

Here’s a tip: One of the best ways to make the most out of technology is to watch the demonstrations of a newly launch product, as most of the time there are new and powerful features that you wouldn’t be aware of unless someone told you about them, and product demos usually help you be aware of these powerful features in that product. So I do encourage you to watch product demos for products that matter to you.

Read on for the second part of the Demo where they show off some cool extra features on Google Maps Singapore.

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Gear65 #45 – Samsung Pixon 12 Posted on: November 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm Posted in: Gear65,VideoCasts

What happens when you cross the Samsung Pixon with the Samsung Jet and throw in a 12 megapixelled digital camera while you’re at it? You get Samsung’s newest Pixon 12! In my opinion, this is the Samsung Pixon the way it should have been from the start, as far as usability is concerned.

TouchWiz 2.0, insane camera, for a non-smartphone, what’s there not to love? If you ask me? I think Samsung still needs to work on their on-screen keyboard. What does this phone mean to you? Why don’t you watch this episode of Gear65 and let us know if you like what you see!

Link: Samsung Pixon 12

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65Bits Episode 144: Hackers and HackerSpace Posted on: November 17, 2009 at 9:59 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

We are back at our cozy 8 Shenton Way Starbucks again this week. The biggest news this week in Singapore has to be Starhub going to sell iPhone. OK, maybe just for the Starhub users who wants to get iPhone but couldn’t find anyone to sign a Singtel contract for them. Google is moving rapidly towards world domination. This week, we saw Google buying over AdMob, Gizmo5 and coming out with their own programming language call Go. Creative ZiiLABS to launch a netbook which looks very exciting except it can’t run Windows 7. You can facebook from your Xbox360 soon. And Tech65 was hacked recently and HackerSpace is coming soon.

DK, Farinelli, Justin & Justin

Stories this week

[1:40] StarHub to offer iPhone
[7:55] Google investing in a mobile future with AdMob
[10:00] Google Has Acquired Gizmo5
[15:00] Google’s Go: A New Programming Language That’s Python Meets C++
[23:10] ZiiLABS ZMS-08 offers Cortex A8-powered Full HD and Flash acceleration for netbooks
[30:20] Xbox 360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm hit Nov. 17
[36:10] Tech65 website was hacked on monday night
[38:00] HackerSpace.SG

[43:20] Byte of the week: Prezi

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Why Tourists Probably Can’t Register for Wireless@SG Online Posted on: at 7:53 pm Posted in: Blog,Thoughts

wirelessatsgAs someone who works in cafes all the time, one of DK’s biggest complain about Wireless@SG was that it was really difficult for tourists to register for an account to use Wireless@SG, and I don’t deny that this is something to be concerned or frustrated about. While I initially could not think of a valid explanation why registration for them was done in such a way (they cannot register online like Singapore citizens, but have to visit a costumer service counter to register in person), I figured that they probably have a valid reason to do that.

Today, this thought literally rose up inside me on my way home on my own (no joke, I wasn’t even thinking about Wireless@SG or anything tech at that point of time for that matter) that gave a very possible explanation as why this was done. When I thought about it, I went all “Why didn’t I think of that earlier!” While I admit I don’t know the exact reason, I can say that this is an educated guess. In a word: Security.

Read more..

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Gear65 #44 – HTC Touch Pro2 + Windows Mobile 6.5 Posted on: at 11:05 am Posted in: Gear65,VideoCasts

This week we take a look at a relatively older phone running on a newer OS, the HTC Touch Pro 2 with the Windows Mobile 6.5 update. We finally get to show you the Touch Pro 2 after the Touch Diamond2 episode, and explain some of the cool things we like about this admittedly huge phone.

Link: HTC Touch Pro2

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Backstage: The Crew Plays Eliminate Posted on: November 13, 2009 at 12:00 pm Posted in: Backstage,Blog

Farinelli, DK and I have been playing this new iPhone game from ngmoco recently called Eliminate. We had another round last night and I decided to film us (okay, me) playing since whenever we played, I realised we’d have funny moments. Unfortunately, the camera failed on me for some reason, and I only got a few minutes of footage.

Nevertheless, hope you guys enjoy whatever that’s left of this video!

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